Things to know when hiring a plumbing contractor in Anaheim

Whenever you hire out a contractor there are a few things that you should be aware of. These are signs that the contractor is not a true professional and may deliver less than desirable performance.

  1. Some plumbing handymen will gladly work without a license or uninsured. This is a huge danger. Plumbers and electricians are required to be licensed by law because if the job is done wrong it could put you and your family in imminent danger. A poorly sealed gas line could vent natural gas into your living areas and turn your home into a bomb.
  2. Over the phone estimates are a red flag as well. There are so many unknowns for each plumbing job that an estimate must be done on site. Sight-unseen estimates are a common low-ball tactic.
  3. Speaking of lowball estimates. If you get multiple estimates and one is way below the others, don't take it. The contractor has missed something in his estimate or routinely works at below cost because he cannot compete on a fair field.
  4. Watch for the bait and switch, especially with replacement parts. Contractors may attempt to install low cost parts instead of name brand replacements. If you are at all leery, ask to inspect the parts to make sure you are getting what you paid for.
  5. The option to pay under the table is another warning sign that the contractor you are using is not on the up and up. Cash under the table is a sign that there is tax fraud going on. If it is, where else is he cutting corners?
  6. Pay up front schemes. A professional will not ask you to pay anything up front unless it is a very large job. Even in that case, it should be a small down payment to cover the costs of materials. Anything more is an indication that the business is cash strapped or the contractor isn't planning to finish the job.

If you come across any of these issues or something just doesn't seem right, don't work with the contractor. Find someone else. Shoddy work on your plumbing can result in bigger problems and much higher bills down the line.