Professional Anaheim water heater repair maintenance

one of our Anaheim water heater repair techs is doing a maintenace check on a heater unitWhat's the number one plumbing issue in Anaheim? Water heater repair. For some reason, water haters get forgotten about. This neglect can cut the lifespan of a tank style water heater in half. Why? There are plenty of parts that require preventative maintenance to keep your water heater running efficiently.

Typical water heater maintenance includes checking the sacrificial anode for calcium carbonate build-up or reactive material loss, testing the temperature and pressure release valve for functionality, testing the thermostat, checking the water inlets for corrosion, checking the heating element for scale build up or the burner for soot and emptying the tank of sediment that has accumulated in the tank. Other checks include a visual inspection of the tank for rust, a check of all electrical connections and an exhaust vent check. Having a full check and maintenance every few years can extend the life of your water heater to between 15 to 20 years. A typical lifespan for this appliance is around 10.

Have your water heater serviced today!

an Anaheim water heater repair specialist is installing a brand new water heaterIf you haven't had your water heater serviced in several years, it may be too far gone to save. If that's the case, we'll let you know. We would rather you have a safe and functional heater than try to cobble together a working one that is destined to fail again within a year. If your heater is working ok, but you'd like to schedule a water heater replacement for the future you can get a huge saving on the installation. Scheduled installs about half the price as emergency installs.

If you haven't thought about tankless water heater options, you might want to look into them. Rinnai and Takagi make some ultra efficient on demand water heaters. Electric heaters are generally installed so each major bathroom and the kitchen have their own dedicated heaters. Two gas heaters can generally support a family of up to 5. There are also insta-hots. These are installed near the end of a water line right before the faucet. They have a low volume output, but the water comes out at well over 120 degrees on demand.

Whatever your water heating needs are, contact our Anaheim water heater repair team today. We'll help you explore your options and come up with the one that makes the most sense for your family now, and in the future.

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